How it works

Using DigiDox is easy!

how it worksWe have gone to great lengths to make sure that DigiDox is easy for you to use.

It basically follows this work-flow

  1. Letters, charts etc. are dictated on a DVR (Digital Voice Recorder).
  2. When the DVR is connected to your PC or Laptop the voice file is copied to it  by our software.
  3. A copy of the audio stays on your PC and the DVR is cleared (so it's again ready for use!)
  4. A copy of the voice file is encrypted and transmitted to the DigiDox server. (Your files remain fully encrypted at all times.)
  5. The transcription happens within 24 hours.
  6. When complete, the document is returned via a Secure FTP server to a local folder on your network.

To get up and running, all you will need is a Digital Dictaphone. If you don’t have one, we can supply you with one. You will also need access to a PC that is connected to the internet.


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