Flexible and cost effective


Our system is focused on saving you money and providing flexibility.

Overtime cost: An area you can notice immediate cost savings is in overtime hours as the needs of medical typing often see it pushed to “out of hours”

Staffing costs: With the flexibility of the DigiDox service you can avoid the time involved in recruiting temporary staff to cover leave periods or times where workloads fluctuate. Many things can survive a few days inattention, except typing!!

    Pay-as-you-go: It is a flexible and cost effective service, with no minimum spend required. You can use us a little ...or a lot! You may chose to use us only during peak times if this suits. It’s completely flexible.


The bottom line

Many of our clients have found that it is more cost effective to give us their typing and allow their secretary/staff to focus on the running of their practice. More effective clinics and turnaround of patients can mean more income to the practice.

DigiDox Feature's