Fast & accurate

All our typists are qualified MT’s (medical typists) and have either been medical secretaries themselves or have worked previously as a professional medical transcriptionist.

We differ from many of our competitors because all our work is produced in the US. Our MT’s are native English speaking, so we have no language barriers (including UK English). This adds to the high quality of our work. 

We also benefit greatly from the time difference. Our production team is 5 hours behind the UK and Ireland, so at 5pm here when our doctors are finished work, its only 12pm in Eastern US. This gives us a lead and means our "TAT" (turnaround time) is one of the best  - always under 24 hours and most often a lot less.

We back this up by guaranteeing our work. All clients have a contract which defines our quality and TAT. 

Our MT’s work across all client specialities and are familiar with the jargon of all medical areas. This ensures they are learning on an on-going basis thus keeping our quality of work to the forefront.



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